January 19, 2019


Competitors may submit questions by email to nbenton@jjay.cuny.edu. Questions will be answered by posting the question (without attribution to the sender) and answers on this page on this site.

ACIA reserves the right to not answer questions that are determined, by ACIA, to be redundant or irrelevant or inappropriate. Since ACIA will not otherwise offer advice or guidance to competitors, if a question is determined not to warrant a response, the Q&A will not be posted and no other communication will take place with the sender.

Question: What is the final deadline for submission?

Answer: The final deadline is May 1, 2011.

Question: Can a person or organization submit more than one application or theme?

Answer: Yes.  Each one will be evaluated separately. However, The same person or organization will not be allowed to win more than one prize in each category.

Question: Can an existing application be modified to be responsive to the competition goals?

Answer: Yes. But the extent of the modification would be a factor in evaluating the submission.

Question: Recognizing that each submission must be made available for free, can an application also have an upgraded version for which there is a charge?

Answer: Yes. But only the submitted version, available for free, will be the basis for evaluation by the jurors.

Question: Are commercial software developers allowed to compete?

Answer: Yes. But the plug-in or theme must be available for free.