January 19, 2019


The Rules

Submissions must be repository-ready. That is, they should be able to be submitted to the WordPress.org theme or plugin repositories and be accepted: no spam, no security holes, no duping an existing theme or plugin.

Submissions must be new creations, not yet released to the public. You can use something you’ve been working on as a starting point.

Plugins and themes must be General Public Licensed and must be free, and not be simply a giveaway to upsell add-ons that are not free and/or GPL. You may submit WordPress or BuddyPress themes.

Deadline and Submission Process

Submissions must be completed by May 1, 2011.  This site will maintain a page for submissions, and you leave a private comment on that page and point to a wordpress site the judges can access the submission. The site shall:

  • provide a working example of the theme or plugin
  • point to a site where the judges can download the code for evaluation
  • provide a summary (PDF document of no more than 3 pages 12-point font) of  your submission, describing what it does and what makes it special.
  • provide any other documentation that would be customarily provide to uses downloading and using your submission, such as instructions.

Late entries will not be accepted, and the determination of ACIA will be final.

Post-Submission Public Access

ACIA will post a list of the submissions, including links to the submission site of each application, so that WordPress users can access the contest submissions.


Competitors may submit questions by email to (email to be determined). Questions will be answered by posting the question (without attribution to the sender) and answers on a Q&A page on this site. ACIA reserves the right to not answer questions that are determined, by ACIA, to be redundant or irrelevant or inappropriate. Since ACIA will not otherwise offer advice or guidance to competitors, if a question is determined not to warrant a response, the Q&A will not be posted and no other communication will take place with the sender.

The Judges

The Panel of Judges is being selected by ACIA and is posted on this site.)